Environment - Scifi Bunk Room (UE4)
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Liam tart scifibunk modular
Liam tart scifibunk modular 01
Environment - Scifi Bunk Room (UE4)

I decided to make this scene in order to learn more about Unreal 4. Previously I have made very static environments, but for this scene I wanted to create something that feels a little more lived in and with a few more animated elements. With that in mind, I planned to make a cinematic video of it using Matinee once the scene was finished. I also experimented using Blueprints for things such as the lights, allowing me to control the emissive brightness and light properties with one single input.

I was approached by Epic after completing this scene, and they very kindly offered to put my scene on the Community Content tab of the Unreal learn tab. You can download this scene if you download UE4 and navigate to the Learn tab!

This environment was also featured on Kotaku shortly after release.