Interplanetary/Orbiting Transfer Station - Habitation Module
Interplanetary/Orbiting Transfer Station - Habitation Module

Part of an ongoing series aiming to create a semi-realistic portrayal of a future modular NASA Space Station. The Station is assembled out of a series of different modules, each fulfilling a different purpose.

This module is the 'Habitation Module' and functions as the the Station's living quarters. It contains a small galley/mess area for food preparation and storage, 4 sleep bays with cupola-style windows, a toilet, shower area and a small medical bay. It has 2 berthing ports either side to connect to the rest of the ship, and has 2 emergency exterior airlocks.

Visible on the exterior of the module are a variety of electrical panel openings for EVA repairs in case of emergency, life support canisters (exterior mounted for ease of replacement during routine re-stocking), thermal heatsinks (to vent excess heat from the module), and a multitude of handrails for maneuvering during EVA. Also visible are the exterior emergency airlocks, and the cupola-style windows of the sleep bays.

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