Stone Floor Tiles (Substance Designer only)
Liam tart stone final 01
Liam tart stone final 02
Liam tart stone final 03
Stone Floor Tiles (Substance Designer only)

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Wanted to challenge myself to create some 'dungeon-esque' stone floor tiles entirely using Substance Designer. Made over a couple of nights in my spare time.

This was a really fun challenge to think about how to create tiles in a way that allows for a lot of variation. You can change the input map which is just basic shapes with gradients to basically create as many variations as you like. There is a bit of work required to set up the initial shapes (Unfortunately SD doesn't not yet have an 'intelligent' random tile placement node), but everything afterwards is completely procedural.

Process in SD: Initial layout -> Large edge rounding -> Small edge chipping -> Surface detail -> 'Lichen' variation -> Random grungy scuffs -> Dirt layer on top, starting in lowest areas and gradually building up.

More artwork
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